Sample Dance Competition Web Pages Created by COMPMNGR

This page contains links to some example web sites created by COMPMNGR for several popular dance competitions. The web sites are not the official sites for the competitions; the sites simply illustrate the variety of web pages that COMPMNGR can create and allow for testing with various web browsers (Internet Explorer, FireFox, NetScape, AOL). The schedules of events, dance entries, and other purchases are mostly fictional, although actual placement/scoresheet pages are included in a couple of the examples. One of the example sites, the Emerald Ball site, contains an example of COMPMNGR's on-line registration feature.

Almost all of the work in constructing these example sites was in creating the logos and images, most of which were derived by modifying graphics downloaded from the competitions' existing web sites. All rights to such graphics belong to the competition organizers. A small amount of time was required to create some text (e.g. "Welcome to our competition") for the home page and a few other pages of text (e.g. a "Rules and policies page") requiring some user input. Most of the pages that COMPMNGR produces, like heat lists, placements, and scoresheets, require no user intervention. Once the graphics and text for text pages pages were completed it took only minutes for COMPMNGR to assemble the selected pages AND post them to this web site.

Of course, if you already have a web site for your competition you will ask yourself why you should be concerned with COMPMNGR's web site creation features. There are two main reasons. The first is money. A review of a recent PC Magazine reveals that the going rate for hosting a single domain name (e.g. site is well under $100/year. Since COMPMNGR's web site creation option costs $100 ($200 if you also subscribe to the on-line registration feature), your total annual cost for a complete web site should be no more than $200/year (or $300/year with the on-line registration option). The second reason is flexibility. Does your current web site host support all of COMPMNGR's page creation features, including the scoresheet pages, and allow you to post whatever other pages (whether created by COMPMNGR or not) you might want?

Just click on the links below to see the example sites.

Emerald Ball

Yankee Classic

Ohio Star Ball

Embassy Ball