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COMPMNGR On-line License Agreement and
Registration Fee Calculation (FeeCalc)

Instructions - please read and follow them.
(1) Provide information in the form below. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
(2) Click on 'Recalculate registration fee' button near the bottom of the form to review registration fee calculation.
(3) Click the 'Next' button at the bottom of this form to go to next page and review and print license agreement.
(4) After reviewing and printing license agreement click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the page.

Vendor will review your license agreement and contact you if there are any questions. Vendor reserves the right to reject license agreements. If license agreement is accepted and payment received you will be emailed a registration file with instructions.  Note that vendor now requires payment in advance, either by credit card or a check on a U.S. bank. The requirement for payment in advance is new as of April 1, 2016 and was explained in a newsletter broadcast emailed to all recent customers on  March 31, 2016. Click here to read it.

(1) Use U.S. English characters only in this form. (For example, use e instedt of ).
(2) High school, college, and nonprofit events may be eligible to use COMPMNGR at no charge but must complete this form with affiliation entered exactly as 'High School', 'College', or 'Nonprofit' and with a web site vendor can check to verify affiliation. If you complete this form correctly for such a competition your registration fee will be calculated as $0.
(3) Your COMPMNGR registration includes technical support by vendor. Requests for technical support must be made by email to Person requesting support must have basic computer skills such as using a web browser to download and install the latest version of COMPMNGR and using the Windows file manager utility program to search for, copy, move, delete, and rename files.

Organizer Information

 Please provide the contact information for the one person responsible for
 payment of the registration fee. Do not enter a business or corporate name
 or the names of two or more people.
 Contact person's name*  
 If a registration file and technical support are to be provided to a person who
 is assisting with computer operations and is different from the person named above,
 enter the person's name and email address.
 Computer assistant name  
 Computer assistant email 
 Send registration file to: Organizer only  Assistant only   Both 

 Note to computer assistant: If you are completing this form for the organizer please
 make sure that: (1) the contact person specified above is the one responsible for
 paying us, (2) the person's contact information is correct, and (3) the person is
 aware that he/she will be contacted regarding payment issues.

Competition Information

  Competition name* 
  Dates of competition (Use mm/dd/yyyy format, for example 03/12/2015)
  First day date*    (First day on which there is competitive dancing)
  Last day date*     (Last day on which there is competitive dancing)
  For a one day competition the first and last day dates are the same.
  Web site          
  Affiliation (for example: NDCA, MURRAY, FADS) 

Registration File Information

  A COMPMNGR database consists of two files, the registration file and the main data file.
  The two files must have the same root name (the part preceding the period, for example
  XXX.rgc and XXX.dbc) and be located in the same folder. Typically the root file name is a
  composite 'word' created by abbreviating your competition name and the year. For example
  if your competition is 'The MyComp DanceSport Spectacular' you might use 'MyCompSpec2015'
  (letters and numbers only, no spaces). Root file names are case sensitive. If you have
  already initialized your datbase by copying a previous database under a new root name then
  the root name you specify here must exactly match the root name you selected during the
  copy operation.  
  Root file name* 
  Select a password you can remember since you will not be able to change it once the new
  registration file is created and sent to you. Note that if you have already created a
  registration file by a copy operation the new file must replace and overwrite the copy.

Fee Basis Information

  The base fee (fee excluding options) depends on the number of days over which the competition is held. The fee
  for a one day competition is $350. The fee is increased by $150 for each additional day of competition.

Extra cost options

Web page creation option - If you have a web site, would you like to be able to use COMPMNGR to post your schedule of events, heat lists, etc. before your competition and post scoresheets and top teacher/student awards afterwards?

  Purchase web page creation option (e.g. heat lists, scoresheets)?
    Yes ($100)   No

On-line registration option - If you have a web site, would you like to use COMPMNGR to provide on-line registration for your attendees? This option requires that you also purchase the web page creation option just above.

  Purchase on-line registration option?
    Yes ($100)  No

Payment of registration fee

We accept four major credit/debit cards. We also accept payment by checks on United States banks. Please select one of the five payment methods (pay by check or by one of the four credit/debit cards) just below. Note that if you pay by check you will not receive your registration file until after the vendor has cashed the check and if you pay by credit card you will not receive your registration file until the charge has been accepted by the vendor's credit card processing service.
 I prefer to pay by check. (Checks must be made out to Richard Douglass, not to Douglass Associates)
 I prefer to pay by the credit card selected below. The credit card information will be encrypted prior to transmission.
 Your card will not be charged until we receive the license agreement and verify that all required information has been provided.

  Card type: MasterCard  Visa  AMEX  Discover

Our credit card processing service is very picky. You must enter all of the card information, including the address information, exactly as the credit card company has it in its records. Even minor discrepancies will cause our credit card processing service to reject a charge.

  Name on card     Card number
  Street           Expiration date (mm/yy)
  City                      Card security code 
  State/Province ZIP/Postal code Country

Number of days    
Base fee          

Web page creation option    
On-line registration option 

Total registration fee    

COMPMNGR License Agreement (your contract with vendor)
Please use buttons at bottom of page to print and submit it.