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Computer program for managing ballroom dance competitions
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Overview - To learn about the COMPMNGR dance competition manager program and about how you go about acquiring the latest version and starting to use the program Click here

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Special COMPMNGR Topics

Web page creation features

On-line registration features

 Judge's handheld marking devices, Internet based (smart phones like iPhone and Blackberry, tablet computers like iPad)

Judge's handheld marking devices, PDA based

Program view for MC, deck captain, scrutineer, judges marks, etc.

About the paperless competition

Past COMPMNGR users

 Scrutineer testing and training

COMPMNGR on MacIntosh computers

Program files in PDF and RTF formats

Support for barcoded passes/tickets

Emailing from within COMPMNGR

Using COMPMNGR's Internet based features in ballrooms with no Internet access